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Low–Carbohydrate Diets Health Advisory: Health Risks

Recent media reports have publicized the short–term weight loss that sometimes occurs with the use of low–carbohydrate weight–loss diets. Some of these reports have distorted medical facts and have ignored the potential risks of such diets. Past experience with the fen–phen drug combination and other weight–loss regimens has shown that some people may disregard even serious long–term health risks in hopes of short–term weight loss.

The American Heart Association,1,2 American Dietetic Association,3 and the American Kidney Fund4 have all published statements warning about the various dangers associated with low–carbohydrate, high–protein diets.

We would like to notify you of (1) the potential risks from the long–term use of low–carbohydrate, high–protein diets, (2) currently circulating misunderstandings and deceptive statements made in support of such diets, and (3) the establishment of a registry for individuals who feel they may have been harmed as a result of following a low–carbohydrate, high–protein diet.

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