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Make Over Your Diet

What’s Not in the Diet?

Meat: Both “red” and “white” contain cholesterol. And most have a surprising amount of fat, including saturated (“bad”) fat, which is linked to heart problems, breast cancer, and type 2 diabetes

Dairy products have lactose sugar (55% of the calories in nonfat milk), saturated fat (except in nonfat products), and animal protein. More info>

There’s plenty of calcium in green leafy vegetables, beans, fortified juices, and many other foods.

Eggs have two undesirable parts: the yolk and the white.

Egg yolks are loaded with cholesterol: 213 mg in a single egg—that’s as much as in an 8-oz. steak.

Egg yolks also contain saturated fat.

Egg whites are made of animal protein, which can contribute to calcium losses and kidney problems. 

Be careful about oily or fried foods

Yes, oils are vegetarian. And they are generally low in saturated fat. But vegetable oils are as high in calories as animal fats.

Be careful about sugary foods, too. Yes, they are vegetarian, too, but they provide a lot of calories and not much else.

Steer clear of foods containing hydrogenated trans fats. These fats, like saturated fats, contribute to the risk of heart disease and other problems.

foods not in the diet: meat, milk, eggs

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