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Nutrition for Infants and Children

Avoiding Food Fights with Your Kids

Any parent knows that children can be strong willedsometimes even a bit stubbornabout what they will or won't eat. Mealtime can turn into a battle of wills as kids fret about some new and seemingly menacing food offering, ask for a specially prepared meal, or just flat out refuse to eat. Your concerns about adequate nutrition can turn into a fight over who is in control.

To avoid food fights, it's important for parents to remain flexible and patient. Serve whatever nutritious foods your child will eat. If your child refuses to eat something, don't insist they must. Instead, avoid making a fuss and let them eat when they are hungry.

Meals should be relaxed times when families gather to share nutritious foods. Remember that nearly every phase passesand most kids and parents look back on this time with wonder and amusement.


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