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Fresh Fruit Salad and Black China Rice Bread from Persia White

Persia White I don't like to feel weighed down and I don't always have much time to spend in the kitchen so this healthy snack is always good to go.

1 container Bio-K+ CL1285® Dairy-Free (a dairy-free acidophilus that tastes like tangy yogurt)
1 organic mango (some stores sell fresh cut mango in the deli section)
1 organic kiwi
1/2 organic red or green apple
1 slice Food for Life Black China Rice Bread

Pour chilled Bio-K into a small bowl. Cut mango, kiwi, and apple into 1/2" slices. Place fruit in bowl and lightly mix and serve.

Toast one slice of Black China Rice Bread. The bread is wheat free/dairy free yet it smells like a cake when toasted. For a different twist, spread a light layer of organic strawberry jam on it.

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