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Help us spread the message about NutritionMD.org! Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Send the Web site to any friends in family who are interested in learning more about good nutrition, disease prevention and treatment, or healthful recipes.
  2. Link to NutritionMD.org from your Web site. A web banner is also available for download.
  3. Have a potluck with health-minded friends and suggest everyone bring a NutritionMD.org recipe.
  4. Learn something about a disease you never knew? Love the way the meal planner lets you track your nutritional intake? Post it on your online blog!
  5. Be sure to point out the Nutrition Tips for Infants and Children section to all the new parents in your life.
  6. Belong to a health or nutrition listserv? Post a link to NutritionMD.org for fellow members.
  7. Tell your doctor about the site! There is information specifically designed for health care professionals.